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After we’ve found a convenient time for you, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out our New Patient forms or DOWNLOAD them before & save time. *(If you have x-rays from within the last year from a previous dentist you can have those [EMAILED] before your appointment)


Dental Checkup

Your hygienist update your x-rays if needed to let your doctors give a thorough exam of your teeth, chat with you about their findings and your dental goals, and suggest a detailed treatment plan.



Finish up your visit with a professional dental cleaning where, unlike brushing your teeth at home, your hygienist will remove plaque, tartar and will also polish your teeth to remove stubborn stains and soft plaque. We’ll then book you for your next appointment on your way to your new smile!

Meet the Drs.

Dr Albert Lui

We don’t believe in short cuts. That’s why we take the time to sit down with you to create a dental treatment plan that you’re comfortable with and that makes sense. We know dentistry can cause anxiety. Together we will get your smile back

– Dr. Albert Lui

Insurance & Finances

Whether you have dental insurance or choose another avenue, we can help you navigate the process. Our office accepts cash, personal cheques, and major credit cards. Although dental insurance is a private agreement between you and your respective provider, we’ll file your claim and deal with all the paperwork so you can obtain maximum insurance benefits minus the stress. 

Smile Survey

Your smile is a reflection of who you are: It communicates your personality, your values and your authentic self. But even small complications with your smile can easily steal your confidence.

Take a minute

Take a minute to reflect on the following dental questions and we’ll discuss your answers at your next dental appointment:

Frequently Asked Questions

Every patient has  different questions about dentistry or dentists in general. Get them answered here.     

Many people don’t realize the impact dental problems can have on their lives until it is too late. The ability to enjoy eating, smiling, and socializing can all be significantly affected when oral health problems go unchecked and tooth loss begins. As problems grow, it also becomes harder and more expensive to fix them. Regular dental check ups and maintenance help you find and address issues early on.


  • Plaque, Tartar, and Cavities: when left unchecked, these can cause pain and more importantly require fillings, extractions, and even root canals later!
  • Gum Disease: Over time, untreated mouths can develop gingivitis and cause the gum to pull away from your teeth! This requires attention from specialists (periodontists) and can be expensive!  
  • Bad Habits: smoking, grinding your teeth, or too much coffee can stain and damage your teeth. Visiting the dentist will help with these habits before they do any more damage.
  • Hidden Problems: dental x-rays can show cavities undetectable with the naked eye, impacted teeth or wisdom teeth that are causing unknown problems and may need to be removed.
  • Dental Checkup: Screening for cavities, gum disease, head and neck issues, and oral cancer are all part of our dental exams.

Here are 5 steps to A Healthy Mouth from the Canadian Dental Association.

A healthy recall schedule is every 3-6 months. We may recommend more frequent or less frequent visits depending on your oral health. This helps us catch small problems early and maintain dental health.

Read more about how 3 out of 4 Canadians are taking care of their teeth.

A healthy adult won’t need an x-ray after each visit, but someone with recurring decay, cavities or other complications will need x-rays more often. Usually, we recommend every 6 months to a year. We want to make sure we’re up to date on your oral health and x-rays help us do this.

Typically, this happens when your child is 2 ½ years old to 3 years old or as soon as their first tooth erupts.

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At Dr Lui and Associates we devote ourselves to providing sophisticated, honest dental care for Calgarians and surrounding area. A referral isn’t necessary but sometimes a second opinion should be: simply book an appointment or call to get your free consultation.