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We’re a family-run dental practice and treat our patients like family. Being a part of our patient’s lives and helping them realize their dental health potential brings a smile to our face, not just theirs. We promise to make every effort to give exceptional dental care and comfort in a warm, friendly environment.

Doctors Note

We don’t believe in short cuts: you’ll always leave with a detailed treatment plan that makes sense. We understand that dentistry is intimidating and we treat patients with dental anxiety or bad experiences on a regular basis. Using sedation options, new technology, and non-invasive dentistry, you’ll get the treatment you need done comfortably.

Dr. Albert Lui

Founder and General Dentist

Dr. Albert Lui started his Undergraduate Degree at the University of Calgary and completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta in 1982. Shortly afterwards he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1984. Since then Dr. Lui has graduated from several post-graduate programs and residencies such as the Las Vegas Institute’s Complete Cosmetic & Full Mouth Reconstruction Curriculum, the California Institute for Dental Implantology, the San Diego TMJ & Sleep Disorders Centre Residency,  Nobel Biocare World Implant Conferences, Laser Certification Pacific Dental Laser Institute, DOCS Oral Conscious Sedation, and the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies to name a few. 


Along with his postgraduate training, Dr. Lui is also an active member of many societies and groups: Alberta Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, California Institute for Dental Implants, Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), Chrysalis Dental Centre Bar Attachment Denture Dental Group and the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies. He is currently a faculty member for the BITES Institute and gives lectures to dentists across Canada about dental implants. He has been nominated for the Doctors Choice Award. 

When Dr. Lui is not practicing, he spends his time with his wife and 3 children pursuing adventure travel and outdoor activities like: hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, skiing, and bicycling. He is also an amateur fine arts painter. Growing up Albert Lui played competitive Volleyball and Basketball (High School Team Captain): he was part of the University of Calgary’s Men’s Varsity Volleyball Championship Team (Western Conference Gold Medal & 5th place finish at the Nationals, 1978).  Dr. Lui believes in giving back to his community as well as volunteering with church activities and other local charity events.

*Dr. Lui & Associates provide dental services to their patients through A. Lui Professional Corporation.

Dr. Jazmin Lui

General Dentist

Dr. Jazmin is a self described perfectionist who is passionate about dentistry and counts her graduation from New York University in 2017 as her greatest achievement. She enjoys building meaningful relationships with her downtown Calgary dental patients willing to share their personal interests, relishing conversations on a broad range of topics such as travel, food, music, sports and family. Dr. Jazmin continues to monitor the cutting edge technology trends of the dental industry by taking continuing education courses and she has participated in various outreach projects to provide free dental care to those unable to afford it. “Getting people out of pain is something I am happy I have the skill to do,” she says.

Outside of the dental office, Dr. Jazmin Lui enjoys an active lifestyle of soccer and mountain activities in her city of Calgary, Alberta. She loves cooking and great food experiences. In fact, she says she can see herself writing a food blog, citing Al Forno and White Elephant as her favourite Calgary food joints. The National Music Centre and Shakespeare in the Park are also a number of her favourite attractions which the city of Calgary has to offer near our downtown dental office.

Dr. Andres Guzman

General Dentist

With extreme attention to detail, Dr. Andres Marquez-Guzman takes pride in offering his downtown dental patients high quality, up-to-date procedures and is deeply invested in their satisfaction. He enjoys a comprehensive approach to dentistry which ensures the harmonious function of all elements of oral health resulting in an increased quality of life.

Having been born in Colombia, and grown up in the U.S., Dr. Guzman is fluent in both English and Spanish.

An artist at heart, Dr. Marquez-Guzman has enjoyed drawing, painting, building and other creative pursuits since he was a child. This may account for his ability to hone in on fine details in his work. He says he has a curious mind and “knowing why and how things work is the ethos of [his] life.” His favourite pastimes include travelling, food, photography, and soccer. As a new Calgarian, Dr. Guzman has been enjoying cycling in the city, hiking in the Alberta Rockies, and learning to ski.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every patient has  different questions about dentistry or dentists in general. Get them answered here.     

Many people don’t realize the impact dental problems can have on their lives until it is too late. The ability to enjoy eating, smiling, and socializing can all be significantly affected when oral health problems go unchecked and tooth loss begins. As problems grow, it also becomes harder and more expensive to fix them. Regular dental check ups and maintenance help you find and address issues early on.

  • Plaque, Tartar, and Cavities: when left unchecked, these can cause pain and more importantly require fillings, extractions, and even root canals later!
  • Gum Disease: Over time, untreated mouths can develop gingivitis and cause the gum to pull away from your teeth! This requires attention from specialists (periodontists) and can be expensive!  
  • Bad Habits: smoking, grinding your teeth, or too much coffee can stain and damage your teeth. Visiting the dentist will help with these habits before they do any more damage.
  • Hidden Problems: dental x-rays can show cavities undetectable with the naked eye, impacted teeth or wisdom teeth that are causing unknown problems and may need to be removed.
  • Dental Checkup: Screening for cavities, gum disease, head and neck issues, and oral cancer are all part of our dental exams.

Here are 5 steps to A Healthy Mouth from the Canadian Dental Association.

A healthy recall schedule is every 3-6 months. We may recommend more frequent or less frequent visits depending on your oral health. This helps us catch small problems early and maintain dental health.

Read more about how 3 out of 4 Canadians are taking care of their teeth.

A healthy adult won’t need an x-ray after each visit, but someone with recurring decay, cavities or other complications will need x-rays more often. Usually, we recommend every 6 months to a year. We want to make sure we’re up to date on your oral health and x-rays help us do this.

Typically, this happens when your child is 2 ½ years old to 3 years old or as soon as their first tooth erupts.

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