Teeth Whitening​

Have you looked in the mirror and seen yellow or stained teeth look back at you? Maybe it’s because you have a heavy addiction to coffee or celebrate with some wine on the weekend? Or perhaps you have just quit smoking and want to brighten your smile. Teeth whitening can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades.

Over the years, drinking wine, tea, coffee, or smoking can darken your teeth. Dr. Lui & Associates teeth whitening service in Canada Place Calgary can remove years of stained teeth in just an easy one hour visit.

What to Expect



At your first appointment, impressions for custom trays will be taken. At this time, patients can decide if they would like to do in office or take home whitening. Our staff will then review expectations and limitations regarding the whitening process.



One week before the in office whitening appointment, you can pick up your custom trays & relief gel. The relief gel is used in the custom trays to help reduce any sensitivity that could come during the whitening process. You’ll then be instructed to wear the trays with the gel 3-5 days prior to the appointment for one hour each day, and soon you’re teeth will be looking shades brighter!


On the day of your in office whitening appointment, a barrier is placed on your gums and a hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to your teeth. Once that is done it’s time to lay back and relax while the ultra blue violet light does the work. Every 15 minutes the assistant will rinse and reapply the gel as well as make any appropriate adjustments to ensure the comfort of the patient. After the fourth interval, the barrier and gel are removed to show off your sparkling white teeth. A complimentary touch up kit is given to the patient to take home to use as needed over the next couple of years along with your custom trays.


Once the whitening is completed in the office, it is important to follow some important guidelines for a few days following. Hot and cold temperature foods or beverages are to be avoided for a few days. Also, the foods that initially caused the stain are to be avoided, such as red wine, coffee/tea, berries, smoking. The whiter your diet, the whiter your smile!


If a patient decides they would like to do take home whitening, impressions for custom trays are taken at the first appointment. A second appointment is booked to deliver the trays & whitening gel and instructions are given on how to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. This at home process typically takes 10-14 days. The same post operative instructions apply.

What To Avoid: hot or cold temperature foods or beverages in the next few days.

What To Do After: tell your friends to wear sunglasses, because your smile is going to be bright!

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