Teeth Extractions

Teeth sometimes have to move on, whether it’s a wisdom tooth or injured tooth. At Dr. Lui & Associates, we do everything to make the experience as painless and forgettable as possible.

Extractions are needed for different reasons. Usually it is because of significant decay or an infection has developed. If a tooth is causing you pain or discomfort, we will remove it as noninvasively as possible, with minimal trauma to surrounding bone and tissue. Our team of doctors might talk with you about other alternatives.

What to Expect

When we’re going to extract the tooth, your doctor will numb the area with local anesthetic. To allow for the tooth to come out of its socket. You will feel pressure at this point but no pain because your nerves have been numbed.

If at any time you feel pain, let us know!

Minimal Injury Teeth Extractions

Having a tooth pulled can be considered a traumatic experience by some. However, atraumatic tooth extraction is a technique that is specifically designed to remove teeth using specialized tools while causing minimal damage or trauma to the surrounding bone and tissues. It is a favourable method of tooth extraction as it helps ensure the maximum amount of bone is preserved so it is much easier to place dental implants immediately – so you have no time with a missing tooth.


After the extraction is done, you’ll bite on a gauze pad for 15 to 20 minutes to stop the bleeding so that a blood clot can form. If bleeding continues, another gauze will be applied until bleeding stops.

We don’t want the healing to be interrupted by dislodging the clot once it forms, so don’t rinse or suck using pressure on straws, alcohol, or smoking for 72 hours. Plus, avoid physical exercise that will increase blood pressure and risk more bleeding.


Pain and swelling are normal after the procedure and once the anesthesia wears off. It usually only takes 48 hours for the swelling to come down and an ice pack or frozen bag of peas should do the trick. Your doctor will prescribe the right pain medication needed and use as instructed.

Call our office if your pain medication isn’t working.

Remember to drink lots of fluids and eat healthy soft foods. You’ll be able to resume daily life after a few days. If pain, swelling, or bleeding continues after several days, call our Calgary downtown office immediately.

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