Oral Cancer Screening

You don’t want to take any risks with your mouth and neither do we. We take special precautionary tests of your mouth to catch anything out of the ordinary early.

What to Expect

A lot of family doctors are not experienced in diagnosing and treating oral conditions (oral pathology), including oral cancer. That’s why dental professionals, such as those at Dr. Lui & Associates, are trained in the identification and management of oral conditions. Even though these screenings are for oral cancer, they can help diagnose non-cancerous maladies too.


Before your oral cancer exam begins, you’ll need to remove any dental appliances from your mouth. You’ll meet with our dentist who will look for swellings, bumps, colour patches, ulcers or other abnormalities using a light, mirror, and tongue depressor. You might even be asked to say, “Ahh” to get a full picture using an optic camera, blue light, or dyes.


After your visual exam, your cheeks, jaw, chin, head, and oral cavities will be checked in a physical exam for unusual masses. You might be asked if there is any pain when these are checked and to swallow to examine your throat.


These exams are just precautionary and will help identify and reduce any risks of further symptoms. Even if nothing is found, we may suggest coming back for another screening – especially if you use tobacco or drink regularly. Oral cancer screenings are done during every recall/new patient exam. It’s a routine check that’s part of making sure your teeth and gums are healthy.

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