Implant Dentures

You can say sayonara to shifting dentures. Because of dental implants, we can now replace teeth and secure dentures in place so speaking, eating, and socializing can finally feel natural again.

What to Expect

Dentures are a dental device that can be either complete (full) or partial replacement of teeth, and implant dentures use implants to secure them in place permanently without shifting. There are lots of denture types available, but each will replace teeth that have been lost, loose, or taken by the tooth fairy. These dentures can have artificial teeth that look just as natural as real teeth. 


These dentures give you temporary teeth while your mouth heals from a tooth extraction and a complete set of dentures is being created. Adjustments may be needed afterwards and could take several appointments. Your new dentures will take some getting used to, but this is normal and we’re sure these instructions will help get you comfortable with your new smile.


Dentures need cleaning every day just like natural teeth to prevent bacteria from building up or causing gum disease or cavities to your natural teeth or gums. We’ll recommend soaking them in a cleaning solution every night and a certain denture brushing paste as regular toothbrushes and toothpaste can be too abrasive. If you have implant-retained dentures, you’ll need to visit our office or your denturist once a year to have them professionally cleaned.


Dentures still need cleaning and checkups by one of our doctors at Dr. Lui & Associates to ensure they fit properly and not slipping.

Learn more about dentures from the Canadian Dental Association or schedule an appointment for a denture consultation.


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