Dental Crowns

Maybe you had a root canal or cavity filling, or maybe a veneer didn’t do the job for your tooth’s discolouration. Or maybe you chipped a tooth or are grinding your teeth at night from stress at work. Your teeth deserve royal treatment and a crown might be a good fit.


Crowns (also known as porcelain crowns) restore teeth to their former glory by providing a 360 degree covering that protects and strengthens their structure.

Crowns are known to be the foundation for restorative and cosmetic dentistry. For example, if you’ve ever thought you had a gummy smile or a damaged tooth, a crown can help.


Cosmetic crown lengthening can reshape gum and bone tissue to reveal more of your teeth, resulting in a broader smile. Crowns are restorative coverings that protect a tooth that is at risk of breaking or can’t be helped by a [filling].

When you get a crown, you’ll notice it:

  • Helps prevent future fractures by strengthening the tooth
  • Builds up lost tooth from grinding
  • Makes your teeth look refreshed again
  • Gives pain relief from fractures or a damaged tooth

What to Expect

2 Appointments


Your first appointment with us at Dr. Lui & Associates, we administer local anesthesia to create some breathing room for the new crown (1.5 mm to 2 mm to be more precise).

We’ll take a 3 dimensional scan or impression of the affected tooth. The putty used will be sent to the lab for the dental lab specialist to create a natural look alike porcelain crown.

While you wait a few weeks while this happens, you’ll get a temporary crown. You’ll want to avoid sticky or hot foods near this tooth so we don’t have to worry about it popping out. If this does happen, don’t panic, you can visit our Calgary downtown office inside Canada Place to get it replaced. The temporary crown protects you from sensitivity near the prepared gum line.


When you visit us two weeks later, you’re new permanent porcelain crown will be ready to be tried on. You’ll receive a dental x-ray to see how it looks and fits, then it will be cemented in place.

We’ll give you instructions on how to take proper care of your new crown. 

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