When To Consider Invisalign Over Braces


Okay, so you’re ready for straight teeth and that dreamy smile you’ve always wanted. Now, even though we’re sure you’ve already got an amazing smile, we completely understand the impact orthodontic treatments can have on a patient’s life and know there are a ton of choices to sort through! That’s why we’ve written this blog post, to highlight some of the key differences between traditional braces and Invisalign.


They are held together by tiny rubber bands. By applying pressure to certain areas, your teeth will begin slowly re-aligning themselves back into place for a straight smile This type of treatment has been used for decades and requires you to visit your orthodontist for adjustments throughout the course of treatment. 

But Wait, If Those Are Braces, Then What’s Invisalign? 

Invisalign is a type of clear aligner, also used to help straighten a patient’s teeth. The process starts by capturing a digital, 3D image of your teeth so the orthodontist can build a road map of what those teeth will look like over the course of treatment. Your clear aligners are then custom made, using a specialized printing process.

When Should Invisalign Or Braces Be Worn? 

Overbite, crossbite, underbite, open bite… What are all these bites? Essentially, Invisalign or braces are used for all kinds of reasons. Let’s say your teeth are crooked or aren’t aligning properly, an orthodontist may recommend Invisalign or braces to help make corrections. So, which one’s for you? Well, there’s no obvious answer, but orthodontists will generally use traditional braces for more complicated orthodontic treatments. For patients who are a little more self-conscious, or whose teeth only need a little tweaking, Invisalign can be a great option. 

How Long Do You Need To Wear Invisalign Or Braces To Straighten My Smile?

In most cases, you can assume that Invisalign will work on a pretty similar schedule. The timeline will vary based on your teeth and the amount of work they need to have done. This can range from a couple of months to several years. Of course, with Invisalign, the process will be faster if you’re good about wearing your aligner! 

Caring For Your Teeth Or Clear Aligners 

One of the reasons patients love Invisalign comes down to the fact that the aligners are virtually invisible. But while Invisalign is celebrated for its aesthetic perks, it’s important to note that the aligners need to be taken out each time you eat or drink something other than water. Before putting them back in, you simply need to brush your teeth. For best results, you should wear your aligner 20-22 hours per day! If you’re a parent whose kids are wearing Invisalign, there are also blue indicators that help assure you those aligners are being kept in!

Meanwhile, traditional braces don’t require you to remove anything from your mouth when eating or drinking. That said, it’s a little trickier to care for your teeth since you’ll have to floss and clean around the brackets. In the event that a bracket comes loose or a wire sticks out, you’ll also need to make an emergency trip to the orthodontist. If you decide on traditional braces, we promise floss threaders will be a lifesaver!

How Much Do They Cost? 

Because every smile is a little different, so is the cost! These costs can range anywhere between $3000 – $8000, with Invisalign typically being the more expensive option. Some insurance plans will also cover orthodontic work and many orthodontists offer flexible payment plans to help their patients budget. 

Ok, So Which Is The Better Choice?

Alright, so here we are… We’ve chatted about Invisalign and traditional braces and can safely draw the bottom line: both orthodontic treatments will straighten your teeth. If you’ve got a trickier dental problem or your teeth are severely misaligned, you’ll probably want to go for traditional braces. If you’re okay with taking an aligner in and out each time you eat or drink, but want to enjoy the comforts of your usual smile, then definitely check out Invisalign. Last but not least, check-in with your dentist. They’ll point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have! 

Next Steps 

Want to learn more about if Invisalign is the right for you? Book a Free Dental Implant Consultation! You can also Learn more about what to expect if you visit our office with a dental emergency.

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